Douglas County Corrections


Douglas County Corrections, operating under the Oregon Department of Corrections, puts high priority on health and wellness. Because of the high stress that can come from a job in law enforcement, they saw the importance of keeping their employees healthy, physically and mentally.

The goals for the new 3,100 square foot gym space were to improve employee health, provide a space for rehabilitation, boost morale, and achieve staff fitness goals. We were happy to bring these goals to realization.

We filled the new space with top of the line Precor cardio, Chrono spin bikes, and Discovery Strength equipment with that awesome red upholstery. For rehabilitation, we included specialized SciFit equipment.

“CFE was an excellent resource for helping us working towards achieving our goals,” says Joseph Garcia, Director of Douglas County Community Corrections. “Their equipment is top-notch and we loved the opportunity to design our own color scheme for our gym.”

The staff is ecstatic about the new fitness room, and 60% of staff have already enjoyed this benefit since its completion in November. Soon that number will increase as personal training options become available.

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