Waterford Grand


"At Waterford Grand, our residents have access to a vast array of personalized services, facilities and amenities to ensure each day is as active, inspiring and as serene as they want it to be. "- Waterford Grand website

When we spoke with the developers of Waterford grand we learned that the vision for the property was personalization through technology. Kiosks and services throughout the property allow residents to make their day their own. The P80 line of Precor cardio with smart card login achieved this goal perfectly. Residents can swipe their key card to login and see how they did last time and make goals for the future. 

The HUR line of strength equipment was the perfect companion with the SmartCard, a user-friendly and automated way to make following and monitoring a training program easy. Training programs are updated automatically to match the goals and subsequent development of the residents. 

The final ingredient was plenty of open space and key accessories for the many group classes offered at Waterford Grand. What an amazing property!

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