CFE EVENT: BattleFit at Turtle Bay


The coolest fitness equipment in the world is only as good as what people do with it. That’s why we believe in education and programming. Mike, our Central Oregon Territory Manager, is a Master Trainer for Escape Fitness programming. He recently went to Turtle Bay on Oahu to prepare them for Battle Fit....

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BattleFit programming is described by Escape as: 

“A team-based programme developed by former British Army officers, based around high-intensity 35-minute workouts. Tapping into the popularity of bootcamps, it pushes participants past their comfort zone to their best ever fitness levels.”

In a word: Intense. 

This “programming in a box” package is designed for those clients who want to work out at extreme intensity. In fact, the goal is for clients to workout at 80% of their max for 35 minutes! Despite the high intensity of the workout, the program still emphasizes safety and flexibility for different fitness level participants. Trainers can ramp up the intensity for more advanced members, while at the same time instructing less able participants in a way that matches their capabilities. Even with drastic differences in fitness levels in the same class BattleFit trainers are able to create an environment of teamwork and camaraderie that people are looking for in group training. 

Plus, Escape programs certify the facility, not just the trainers. Things change but no matter what happens with training staff, Turtle Bay has the tools to continue to offer BattleFit classes to their guests. The BattleFit box comes with instruction manuals for the trainers who will be teaching the class, 35-minute workout routines, fitness tests, product-specific training workshops and an exercise library covering all of the workout components. All backed up with an online library of training videos in the Escape Training Portal. 

Turtle Bay took it to the next level by taking advantage of an in-facility training with our in-house Escape Master Trainer. Mike certainly didn’t mind going to Hawaii to work with the great trainers at Turtle Bay!

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Turtle Bay already had an impressively robust class offering. Tabatas, yogas, spin, suspension, and more. They were looking to offer HIIT training to their guests. But not just any HIIT training, they wanted to offer an experience. And they didn’t want the quality of that experience to change with future trainers. That’s why BattleFit was the perfect fit. By choosing Escape “programming in a box,” the quality of their offering wouldn’t go down with future staff changes and doesn’t require yearly licensing fees. BattleFit, and all Escape programming, comes with all the tools for in-house certifying of future trainers. Online modules and tests to certify new trainers help to ensure the program is always delivered in the way it was designed. Mike spent extra time with Turtle Bay’s head trainer so that she is prepared to certify all future trainers. And if sometime down the road Turtle Bay wants a refresh, Mike will head back out to coach future trainers. 

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The BattleFit experience is also unique. Instead of just providing a workout with exercises chosen at random by the trainer, there is a battle scenario for each class. A mission of the day. Today your unit is taking heavy fire and has to move to safety but stay low and slow. All the exercises center around the mission of the day. 

BattleFit also requires minimal equipment, is meant for smaller groups in a smaller space and can easily be taken outside. All of those things made it ideal for the space available at Turtle Bay.


The 2-day BattleFit training course was intense and very comprehensive. 

The class covered:

  • BattleFit workout examples

  • How to best utilize the BattleFit accessories

  • Class format

  • Setup how-to

  • Fitness Tests: How and Why

  • Delivery and coaching techniques

The Turtle Bay staff started as trainees but by day 2, they were taking the lead as the trainers and pushing their colleagues to their limit!


The challenge with offering great programming long term, is having trainers that are actually trained to deliver the kind of experience you want for your clients. This challenge has been overcome by the Escape programming solution. Turtle Bay’s trainers are now fully ready to push their guests to accomplish more than they ever have in a fitness class. That will just keep those guests coming back for more. And Turtle Bay has all the tools, no matter what, to continue this amazing class for all their guests on into the future. If they lose a trainer? They can deactivate their portal. They’ll certify the new trainer in-house with Escape’s online portal, complete with tests that must be passed. Then that new trainer gets registered with Escape and has access to all the materials, including classes that earn them CECs. 

Plus, the Escape portal is always expanding. All certified trainers get access and content is being added to train them on new products and methods. Escape is helping trainers to always be improving.

Are you tough enough to workout at Turtle Bay? Are you sure?

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We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. BattleFit isn’t for everyone and isn’t for every facility. Maybe you’re looking for HIIT training that appeals to a wider demographic of fitness levels? Consider MoveIt with MyZone where participants can see their heart-rate and progress side by side with the rest of the class. MoveIt focuses on circuit training and suspension training and can accommodate larger class sizes. What if your clients are new to HIIT and functional training? HIIT the Deck programming is a great way to get people exploring the special combination of cardio, strength and functional training that define HIIT. 

When you invest in programming it needs to be there for consistent delivery over the long term. That’s why all of Escape’s programming, including Battle Fit, meet these core principles. 

FLEXIBLE. By offering you a suite of programming styles, you can select which ones suit your brand and are right for your target audiences.

SCALABLE. By including trainer education as well as the programming itself, we’ve guaranteed that all your trainers can deliver the programmes. This means you can grow the frequency of classes, either on a single site or across multiple locations.

PROGRESSIVE. All of the programmes can be shaped to suit people fairly new on their fitness journey, and change with them as they develop their ability and needs.

VARIED. Variety is one of the things that makes functional training such a great experience, so our programming includes multiple different workouts to keep people coming back.

FUN! Working out should push people hard, but most people also need a sense of fun to keep them motivated. So we include teamwork, partner drills, tests and challenges to create a real buzz during the workout.


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