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We have over 20 years of experience providing fitness solutions tailored to multi-family housing. According to the National Apartment Association the right amenities can curb vacancy. We track the latest trends(not fads), assess your market and competition and consider your budget when recommending a solution.

Let's work together to make sure that you are winning new residents and retaining the ones you've already won.

The goal of CFE’s “one-stop” fitness solution approach is to design, create, and provide fitness equipment for our clients’ exercise and workout spaces. From inception to delivery and maintenance, CFE is center point throughout the entire process of developing a fitness facility that evolves with the needs of our clients, their fitness center, and their patrons.


Planning & Design

Every design CFE creates must pass the industry criteria for safety, functionality, ADA compliance and ease-of-use. We design for our client’s present use with their future in mind, taking into consideration fitness trends(not fads) current demographic and goal demographics.

We plan more than just your equipment layout. We can also incorporate your color scheme, flooring and personalized wall art to create the "feel" that you're looking for in your space.

To begin on a personalized plan for your property please contact us or take the survey below:

Once you've completed the survey we need pictures and the dimensions of your space. Please gather your pictures and measurements, then click here to begin uploading. If you are unable to upload pictures and dimensions then we'll come by your facility and get them.


Despite a variety of budgets and varying room sizes, all of these properties have something very important in common:

They increased the value of their fitness amenity by addressing functional fitness and providing a safe spot for HIIT(High-Intensity-Interval-Training, the ACSM #1 fitness trend of 2018). We can help you to do the same.


Delivery & Installation

Our network of factory trained installation teams work tirelessly on each project to ensure accurate and trouble-free delivery––on time.  

Leasing & Financing

The decision to buy or lease fitness equipment depends on available capital and tax considerations. CFE can advise the advantages and disadvantages of both options.


Terms and Conditions

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