Whether we are looking to draw new clients or retain the ones we already have, we have to work hard to design a fitness facility that stands out and keeps people engaged. Having an old treadmill and multi-gym is no longer enough. We’d like to help you to find high quality, reliable products that “wow” and engage so that you will stand out from the competition.

Expresso GO Bike.jpg

What is it?

You could say that the Expresso GO bike is an upright bike and that is accurate. However, it is so much more. This bike comes with a 26.5in HD touchscreen that offers your residents/guests/members the ability to road race, take a cycling class or game, HIIT style. Handlebars that turn and resistance that changes automatically based on the terrain make it so much fun.

Expresso Go Cycling.jpg


Why is it such a big deal?

We all know we need to get exercise and we want help to stay motivated. Being totally immersed in our exercise makes it enjoyable, keeping us motivated to do more. Enter the Expresso GO bike. What could be more motivating than racing your best time last week? Or better yet, racing your neighbor or coworker? What about chasing down a dragon to earn coins? Maybe an intense cycling instructor reminding you to give it all you’ve got? All of this is available on the Expresso GO bike. Can you see the appeal?

Click here to see a video of the bike in action.

Expresso Go Road Racing.jpg
Expresso GO HIIT Gaming.jpg

With 300+ miles of interactive road racing courses, studio cycling classes that are updated every week and “off-road” HIIT gaming( HIIT training was identified as the #1 fitness trend of 2018 by the ACSM Worldwide Fitness Trends Survey, we are really excited about this bike and the value that it adds.

How is this relevant for my facility?

Let’s paint a scenario. You’ve got a room to build your fitness amenity but space is at a premium. Most of the time you’re going to want to offer a treadmill, elliptical and a bike but you don’t have room for much more. How do you make your facility compelling and unique in that circumstance? Make one or more of those pieces of cardio stand out. And make sure that piece appeals to a large demographic.

expresso go studio_rider (1).jpg

What if you’ve got more room and a pretty robust offering? You’re probably only going to update your fitness room every 5-7 years(3-5 if you’re a high-use facility). Are your residents/members/guests getting tired of the same old setup? By incorporating an ExpressoGO bike in your facility you’re going to have fresh workouts and activities each week to keep people engaged and satisfied.

We know that this bike isn’t for every situation but it can add real value in many circumstances. We’d love to assist you in assessing your facility, budget and goals to see if the Expresso GO bike would be a good fit. And if it’s not, we’ll help you find the right piece to make you stand out.