Addressing the Trends: HIIT Zones

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What and Why? 

If you’re involved in the fitness industry, there’s a high likelihood that you have heard of HIIT. HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training,” and it's essentially a training method that involves pushing the body to its workout limits for a short period of time (ex. 30 seconds), followed by a brief period of rest, then repeated over another short period of time (ex. 15 mins). It’s no wonder these workouts are a huge trend in the fitness industry among fitness experts, gym members, and gym owners, because they’re awesome--and here’s why:


The allure of a 15-minute workout as opposed to a half hour to an hour work out doesn’t take much explaining. We live busy lives, but we want to prioritize our health and fitness. HIIT allows for the best of both worlds.


Workout spaces that are more open are ideal for HIIT because they do not require equipment that waste space, and you need room to move around at high-intensity. If space is an issue in your fitness center, HIIT helps with that!

It Brings Real Results!

According to a research study by Micah Zuhl, Ph.D. and Len Kravitz, Ph.D., HIIT is highly effective:

“The major goals of most endurance exercise programs are to improve cardiovascular, metabolic, and skeletal muscle function in the body. For years continuous aerobic exercise has been the chosen method to achieve these goals. However, research shows that HIIT leads to similar and in some cases better improvements in shorter periods of time with some physiological markers.”

Member Attraction and Retention

Keeping your gym space new, attractive, and engaging is essential for retaining guests, members, etc. The ingenuity of HIIT workouts is a magnet for attracting and keeping hold of a larger demographic.



Because of the success of this form of training, businesses will benefit from including designated spaces for HIIT, or “HIIT Zones,” in their fitness centers. Now here’s the important question for managers: How can I incorporate zones for HIIT workouts in my fitness center successfully?

Open Space

It’s important that you provide ample space for HIIT in your fitness center, thus “HIIT zones.” Have your HIIT Zones be free of clutter and have HIIT-specific equipment, described in the next subheading.

HIIT Equipment

To make your HIIT Zone a real “hit,” you should include equipment that aids to HIIT workouts. The AirBike Assault and AirRunner are fabulous examples of large HIIT equipment. Going even bigger (yet still space-efficient), the Queenax functional trainer is another great option for HIIT. Queenax units allow for open space and functional storage. The many accessories you can couple with the Queenax are ideal for HIIT workouts. 

Finally, and most importantly:

Consult with CFE!

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