Increasingly, as functional training grows in its impact on the fitness industry, people are walking into the fitness center of your facility and expecting to see a setup for functional training. Functional training is a type of exercise that holistically trains the body in the way we naturally move. A unique proprietor of functional training is the Queenax, a fantastic functional training tool that advocates a new and exciting way to include functional training in your facility.

What Is It?

The Queenax is, as it says on the Precor website, a “unique functional and suspended bodyweight training system.” It can be used for both individual training and group training. Accessories (or “Optionals”) can be added onto the unit to create more optional activities.

There are multiple models of Queenax (The One, The Corner, Wall Solution, The Open Format, and The Bridge), all varying in size and customization. However, all share similar traits that make the Queenax a practical addition to your facility.

Why Incorporate in Your Facility?

Here are a few great reasons:

Queenax Models.jpg

1.) Fully Utilize your space

While it is a large unit, the Queenax is highly space efficient. Every foot of the space it takes up is functional. In addition, it has functional storage; you can store medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, and more, and all at easy access. The varying of size between different Queenax models also allows for the Queenax to find a place to fit in most facilities and spaces.


2.) Increase Member Attraction and Retention

Gyms that cater to current fitness trends attract new members and tenants, and make sure people stick around. More and more, members are demanding versatile training options. When they walk into your facility and see the Queenax, it meets and exceeds that demand. It means you will get a great return on your investment, adding long-lasting value to your facility.


3.) Offer a fitness experience that sets your facility apart

Engaging your tenants or members is essential for increasing business, and for setting you apart. Beat the competition by creating a space that, not just fulfils the needs of your targeted clientele, but surpasses their expectations. The Queenax offers not just solutions, but a fitness experience.

And so much more; to find out more, visit, and read all about this fantastic piece of equipment.

How Can You Incorporate It?

Work with us! We will help you figure out what unit will work best for your facility and your goals, and we will install and maintain the unit. Through Precor, we can also offer education for training on the Queenax. Follow the prompts below to request an assessment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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