Why Flooring Matters In Your Fitness Center

Ecore Dropped Barbell Edited.png

Would you say that fitness equipment matters in a fitness center? The two go together; fitness equipment = fitness center. To function properly, a successful fitness center must have well-chosen equipment. Interestingly, there is one piece of equipment that every gym goer uses every time: the flooring. With athletes spending more time on the floor performing functional training movements, the floor really becomes another piece of equipment in your gym.

The flooring of your facility's fitness center must be safe, properly durable, ergonomically sound, and have the right acoustic design. We partner with Ecore Athletic flooring because we’ve seen how their flooring meets all these requirements, and then some.

Essentials to successful flooring in a fitness center:


1.) Safety

Your fitness center should be safe for your exercisers. If your floor performs poorly, it increases risk of injury, which is the last thing you would want to happen in your facility.

Should one fall, Ecore is designed to minimize risk of injury and keep joints, muscles, and bones safer during repetitive workouts. It uses recycled rubber composite to mitigate both immediate and long-term problems.


2.) Ergonomics

Ergonomics have to do with the intricate balance between energy absorption and energy restitution, or “give-back.” Ecore has successfully struck this balance. Ecore Athletic has designed their flooring to diminish fatigue, minimize discomfort, and maximize performance. The ergonomic design of Ecore athletic flooring supports your exercisers’ muscles and joints, to sustain their passion for your fitness center. Keep your exercisers healthy and coming back!


3.) Acoustics and Sound Reduction

Acoustics are extremely important in specific environments (multifamily facilities, hotels), but in every fitness space, the feel of the room and the quality of the workout is dependent on acoustics.

Ecore athletic flooring is firm, yet energy and sound absorbing. On top of checking all physical requirements, it meets the acoustic needs of a successful flooring.

How to choose the right flooring for YOUR space:

This has to do with the balance between force reduction and energy restitution. Force reduction is the amount energy the surface absorbs, whereas energy restitution is the amount of energy the surface “gives-back.”

This infographic gives an example to help explain force reduction vs. energy restitution:

Concrete vs Sand Infographic.png

For successful flooring, you’ll need the right balance between safety (which increases with force reduction), and performance and durability (which increase with energy restitution). The “perfect” balance between the two depends on what your facility’s specific goals are. For example, if your facility will have a lot of dropped weights, you’ll want a flooring with a higher durability that can withstand the pressure of repeated heavy impact; however it needs to absorb the sound and the impact of the weights without risking injury to the exerciser. For a mixed or multipurpose space, an almost equal balance between the two would be ideal.

We’re here to help you wade through all this technical mumbo jumbo. We’re all about finding you solutions that meet all your facility’s fitness needs and goals; which is another reason why we partner with Ecore. With so many flooring options, there is a flooring solution for any need you may have. Looking for flooring for your high traffic areas? Low-impact fitness? Slip-resistance for locker rooms or showers? Ecore athletic has a flooring solution for these specific circumstances and many more.

We can help in directing you to the flooring that provides the solution you need. Contact us and we can get started on meeting your goals for your facility and help find you a flooring to exceed your expectations!